The foundation of our services lies on our capability to provide agronomic and agrotechnical consultancy to our customers based on our long years of experience in the business and profound expertise in the crops and products which we offer. We not only provide pre-sale consultancy to our customers in selecting appropriate products for their certain needs and conditions, but we also provide post-trade product support in the form of advisory and consultation services. Upon request, our experienced agronomists can visit our customer’s greenhouse or open field sites during any phase of cultivation and observe the growth and performance of our customer’s crops. Based on their observations, our agronomists can share their insights and give their recommendations on certain crops and products to our customer.

To sum up, our agro-consulting provides following services:

  • Screening and evaluation of the growth of the crop (diagnostics)
  • Providing recommendations on the nutrients which are necessary for the growth of the crop 
  • Providing recommendations on the complex protection means for pest control 
  • Measuring various soil fertility and water quality indicators such as pH, EC, humidity, salinity, and etc.

But the customers should note that any information, recommendations and comments provided by our agronomists or AGROHOUSE employees in relation to the quality, performance and final results of the products that we offer are based mainly on our own trials and experiences as well as on the tests done by the manufacturers of these products to the specific sample used and to the specific conditions under which the tests were done. In most cases the results obtained by the customer with the products that we offer depend on such factors as the place of cultivation, the conditions prior to and during cultivation, including but not limited to storage of products, the climate, the soil and crop protection methods used by the customer. Therefore, it remains a sole responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability and appropriateness of the use of our products in the different conditions and/or for the different purposes.

Product Trials

Another main service that we offer is having capacity to conduct product trials in local conditions before products are offered to the market. This is very crucial to test the applicability, quality, performance and resistance of the agricultural products in our local conditions.

We generally conduct product trials in different stress conditions, in greenhouse environment and in open field. Our experienced agrotechnical specialists carefully observe the performance of the products which are being tested in our demo field and record the results of the trials accordingly.

Together with our partners and breeders we can then work out a best possible solution for the improvement of product's performance.

Thus, product trials have proved to be a good starting point in selecting appropriate products for our local markets.

Workshops and Seminars

On a regular basis, we organize several events in different formats, be it a workshop, a seminar, a product presentation or a field day to which we invite our customers, partners and guests.

Our events are not only intended to provide our audience an information about new products, technological developments, trends and tendencies, but also to give an insight on the best-in-class practices of their European counterparts in growing and cultivation.

For some exclusive events, we also invite experts from abroad who share their valuable knowledge and experiences with our local farmers and growers.

Marketing and Promotion

Furthermore, we have capacity to provide business support in marketing research and pre-studies, report writing, product registrations in government organizations, and product promotions. We can support our partners in marketing new products and carrying on promotion campaigns by developing a well-balanced promotional plan that can have a wide range effect, including: brand awareness, positioning in the market, competitive retaliations, sales increases, and creation of a product image. Given our strong relationships with our existing customers, we have capacity to intensify product promotion in person which helps in building a stronger community and can lead to brand loyalty.