It is well known that in recent years the number acreage of fruit orchards in Uzbekistan has been increasing. Every year thousands of hectares of new intensive and non-intensive orchards are being planted. More and more growers are focusing on delivering good quality produce not only in the domestic market but also for exporting to other countries. This is encouraging because it was very troublesome in the past.



Any task must be approached with knowledge and experience. This improves the quality of work and ensures its continuity. In particular, a farmer should be careful not to make mistakes when he starts working with a bank loan or a large debt from his/her friends. Some mistakes in fruit production can result in years of no yield and eventually to the bankruptcy of the farmer.

One example is the orchard owner from Parkent who has not been harvesting any cherries for 12 years and was going to cut all trees down. As a result of the check-up, it was revealed that the pollinator cherry varieties were not planted there. Consequently, grower lost crop for 9 years and suffered losses for years. If an expert was involved from the beginning, this issue could easily be eliminated. Unfortunately, this is not the only case there are many orchards like that in Uzbekistan.

The AgroHouse has introduced the Orchard Unit team to provide agro technical support for orchards. Company specialists have been helping growers of Uzbekistan for several years.




Orchard Unit department is offering the following services to growers:



Soil analysis. The soil pH and EC parameters of the existing or planning orchard and its physical properties are studied by our specialists. In addition, chemical analysis is carried optionally. With the help of such analyzes, experts will have a complete picture of the orchard soil.



Rootstock and cultivar. We help you to select the type of tree, the variety, and the rootstock, considering the requirements of the client, as well as the climatical conditions. Proper selection affects the quality of future fruit, early or late harvest, planting density, growth, and duration, also to its resistance to disease and pests, cold and heat, soil salinity damage.



Irrigation schedule. Proper and timely irrigation is crucial for the development of trees. Our specialists make a watering schedule considering a number of factors. The table will show how much water is required for each tree every month.



Fertilizing program. Taking into account tree needs for certain macro and microelements this program will be developed. This program also considering important factors such as tree type, year, variety, and soil analysis.



Plant Protection Program. There are many common diseases and pests for each tree species. The program will help to identify when they occur and how to control them effectively. It also provides detailed information about pesticide rate, application, and timing.



Specialist visit. These visits can be planned regularly or on-demand depending on the customer's needs. During these visits, the specialist will examine the overall condition of the orchard and prepare a report to the grower about problems regarding diseases or pests, irrigation, and others. In addition, our experts can be involved as unbiased experts.



Professional development. AgroHouse regularly organizes training and seminars for growers several times a year. In these seminars, experts from Uzbekistan and internationally recognized professionals share their knowledge and experience.




Online tech support. With the development of social networks, our company is effectively using them to provide agrotechnical support to growers. Our company is on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. In particular, AgroHouse Orchard Unit group is actively answering questions regarding orchard issues. There are lots of books about orcharding and general agriculture at AgroHouse Library.

If you have any questions, please contact the AgroHouse Orchard Unit Department.

Тел: (99) 824 4336 / (71) 209 6868 / (71) 209 6826 (Tashkent)

        (97) 3654141 (Navai)

         +7 727 3990011 (Kazakhstan)