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welcome to the official website of AGROHOUSE, one of the leading distributors of high-quality agricultural products in the agricultural markets of Central Asian countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan)!

Since its foundation, Tashkent-based AGROHOUSE always intends to provide high-quality products, full-service support and the best experiences to its customers and business partners in a socially-acceptable and environmentally-conscious way. The main mission of AGROHOUSE is to serve its customers in a best possible way, to maintain mutually-beneficial, trustful and long-term relationships with its partners and suppliers, and to provide the best opportunities to all its stakeholders.

Quality and professional service always remain a central point for AGROHOUSE, therefore, AGROHOUSE imports primarily high-quality European-branded agricultural products (vegetable and flower seeds, crop protection products, fertilizers and crop nutrition products, farming & garden accessories and tools) from leading European suppliers and distributes these products in the agricultural markets of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

AGROHOUSE is proud of its strong network of exclusive business partners and suppliers among which are ENZA ZADEN (the Netherlands, vegetable seeds), TAKII Seeds Europe (the Netherlands, vegetable seeds), MAISADOUR SEMENCES (France, corn seeds), FELDSAATEN FREUDENBERGER (Germany, lawn seeds), COMPO EXPERT and COMPO CONSUMER (Germany, fertilizers), EUROSOLIDS (the Netherlands, fertilizers), HEFE (Spain, fertilizers), KORUMA TARIM (Turkey, crop protection), MITSUI CHEMICALS (Japan, crop protection), HUSQVARNA (Sweden, tools and equipment), AGRO CHEMIE (Hungary, crop protection), GARDENA (Germany, tools and accessories), DUE BUOI (Italy, professional garden tools), TFA-DOSTMANN  (Germany, tools and meters),  BIOBEST (Belgium, pollinating bees and bio crop protection), SHIN-ETSU (Japan, pheromones), INTERAGRO (England, adjuvant) and many others.

AGROHOUSE has a well-established customer network in its key markets and the company is conducting fruitful, trustful and respectful business relationships with its customers and is providing full-range services and professional consultation to its customers.

AGROHOUSE is not only acting as an importer and distributor of high-quality agricultural products, but the company has also expertise, experience and capacities to conduct product trials in local conditions before the new products are offered in the market. Furthermore, AGROHOUSE provides business support in marketing research, report writing, product registration in government organizations, product promotions, workshops, and professional business support to its partners during their business visits to Central Asian countries. In addition to the above mentioned activities, AGROHOUSE organizes seminars, product workshops and field days for its customers on a regular-basis in local markets.

AGROHOUSE’s main goals are to become a full-service provider of high-quality agricultural products in Central Asia, to invest in future in order to have long-term sustainable business, and to create values for its business, employees, customers and partners.

Please visit our AGROHOUSE showroom in Tashkent region and please feel free to contact our experienced team for our product offerings and consultation.

AGROHOUSE team wishes success and prosperity to you and to your business with the products offered by our company!